As the clock strikes twelve, a realm of untapped potential and silent prowess awakens. Midnight – the energy drink by Black Rabbit is your gateway to this enigmatic world, where the solitude of the night awakens the roaring power within you, ready to conquer dreams and scale new heights.

Ingredients: Let’s Discover the Night’s Best-Kept Secrets:

  • L-Citrulline & Panax Ginseng: Your allies in the night, synergizing to enhance protein production, spike your metabolism, and bathe you in a cascade of energy that keeps you focused and in control.
  • Natural Caffeine & Damiana Leaf: Unleashing a gentle yet potent stream of vitality that dances through your veins, elevating your blood flow, and refining your cognitive prowess to face the challenges that lurk in the shadows.
  • Adaptogens & Muira Pauma: A mystical blend that elevates your immune system, mood, and focus, guiding you through the night with balanced clarity and a serene, yet powerful disposition.
  • Activated Charcoal & Trace Minerals: Your armor in the dark, ensuring optimum absorption and regulation, safeguarding your adventurous journey through the midnight realm.

Flavored From: Hydroponically Grown Freeze-Dried Beets, Acai Berries & Pineapples


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